Project Definition Engineering Services

From complex free form feature modeling to 2D detailing and incorporation of changes, our team can handle all your product definition needs including: 

  • Part and Assembly Design
  • Changes in Design (CID, RFCs)
  • Detailing (2D drawings, 3D definition)

Our team uses several CAD tools and can adjust depending on your team needs. Examples of them are NX, SolidWorks and AutoCad.

Our definition is created following our customer requirements for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, their quality standards and also their best practices.

Did we mention we always look for the perfect drawing?

Our goal is to always have a First Time Yield of 1.

By providing training and in-process checking at different levels we always try to stay one step ahead.

Project Management

PDE currently provides training for other companies in Project Management.

An example of this is the current use of Agile / Scrum methodologies to make sure that teams area able to meet their deliveries and reduce ambiguity while developing new projects.

To learn about Scrum, click here