Kellogg's - Mexicali

Design, fabrication and installation of cooking process line for cereals, cooking vessels, operating platforms, service piping and electrical installation of force and control.

Kellogg - Project Mexicali

GOLLEK Interamericas - Eden

Fabrication, mounting and installation of service piping and process equipment.

GOLLEK Interamericas - Eden Project

Mondelez - Arthur

Fabrication and installation of service piping, structural racks and installation of process equipment.

Modelez - Project Arthur

CIAQSA - Water Treatment Plant

Piping fabrication and installation, installations of mechanical equipment and installations of water treatment plant Acueducto II.

CIAQSA - Water Treatment Plant Project

CAFESCA - Coffee freeze-drying (lyophilizer) plant

Fabrication and installation of process equipment (tanks, reactors, conveyors). Installation of service piping (steam, condensates, water, air, drain).

CAFESCA - Coffee lyophilizer plant

AQUALIA - Caracol Pumping Plant

Fabrication and instalation pumping pipes in deep sump pumps and fabrication of Diesel storing tanks.

AQUALIA - Caracol Pumping Plant Project

ROHM AND HAAS - Vainilla Project

Mounting and installation of process equipment. Fabrication and installation of piping and ducts. Electrical installation of both force and control.

Rohm and Haas - Vainilla Project